The Department of Labor and Industrial Relations has launched the Hawai’i Career Acceleration Navigator (HI CAN) to assist jobseekers with navigating their employment searches into lasting careers. The easy-to-use web platform generates personalized recommendations based on jobseekers’ specific background, highlighting career pathways that are likely to boost your earnings, leverage your existing skills, and identify in-demand careers with openings in the current market. HI CAN also features a bot to help quickly connect you with the information and services for which you’re looking.

To access HI CAN:

  1. Visit
  2. Use your UI Account to log into the site. If you need assistance resetting your password, use the following link:
  3. Once you’ve logged in using your UI account, follow the instructions to enter information about your education and experience.
  4. Explore your career and training recommendations using the tabs at the top of the page.
  5. Give a thumbs up or down to careers and trainings to save them to your Ratings page.
  6. Use the bot to ask questions or learn more about other programs and services.

A link to HI CAN will also be available on your confirmation page the next time you log into complete your weekly UI certification.

Please note that HI CAN is not a substitute for registering for work on HireNet Hawaii. It is a supplemental tool only.